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Post jam note:  A super big THANK YOU to everyone who played and rated our game! We on the dev team our completely thrilled that our FIRST GAME JAM submission ended up as #1 in the OVERALL SCORE! Make sure to follow our game dev journey as we work on a DUX & NOX FULL RELEASE!



Twitter: https://twitter.com/StudioDux

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DUX-NOX-Game-103450284827526

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dux_nox_game/


DUX & NOX is a puzzle game about box pushing, reverse thinking, and, of course, cute bunnies.

Meet Nox, a little black bunny who is always in need of help. Meet Dux, his white counterpart, who is always by his side to guide him.

This game was made for the Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 and the theme of the jam was "REWIND".

Made by Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia (ElvinLC), Irma Malmros Pohland (raddisa) and Wilmer Björklund (mochao).



DUX_NOXv1,1.zip 18 MB

Development log


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Amazing game! Everything from the gameplay to the simple isometric art style to the pleasant music is fantastic. I wish you luck with the full release! 

i have to admit seeing everyone gush over how good it is has made me severely regret ever getting a mac


Amazing game, will you expand it? Hopefully yes!

Hopefully, yes! :)

Nice game!


Good game, mate

Thank you<3

The art style is interesting and the main gameplay is just, *le kiss* so good. This game is innovative and i am still suprised how it was made in 7 days. The UI, soundtrack and Dux and nox make the game so good. Hope you will make a kickstarter or patreon campaign soon.

Wow, thank you sooooo much! We are actually working on setting up a kickstarter, but shhhh, don't tell anyone yet ;)


You... just told us though...

I heard that 9 Months After

I had to think for a long time when playing last level but when I did it I was very happy :) thank you <3


Thank you for playing, it's a very hard level :3

The game is amazing! so is the art!

Thanks a million! Raddisa (who made the art) will be very happy :D

I'm glad! Raddisa, It's really good!

Can someday you make this game playable on mac? But overall, Good Game!

Yes, I'm sorry we couldn't the first time. But we are making this game into a full game and that will be available on Mac! 

I literally had to write down the steps to solve the last one. Even with that, I think my brain melted



I love this!!!

Thank you! Make sure to follow us here or on social media for future updates :D

gg this was great but was pretty hard for my puny game but that means u can go harder


Very cool game! The last level was a bit mind-bending, but still got it on my first attempt:) It was very satisfying to see everything fold out as I expected.

Followed you:)

Thank you so much! And woah, beating the last level on the first attempt? That's incredible :D

yay!! I completed the game. it was so beautiful and engaging.

the levels are also so good.

I really like the last level and took me three time to complete it.

congrats on winning the jam.

This makes me really happy to hear, thank you so much :D

Congratullations!! The game looks nice!

Thank you!

good job! your game is very similar to mine...

check it out if you have some time ;D


Wow, they are so alike, crazy :D

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Congratulations on placing 1st overall! You guys made an awesome game and you should be very proud!


Thank you so very very much!


Congrats bros for the first place in the jam. This game is very good but I think my game is still better than this game just a personal opinion :D

Then I will check out your game for sure :)

Thanks its a 2.5D FPS that require less iq to play than your game. 

Congrats 😃👍


Congratulations 🎊

Thank you!

Great jo

Thank you!

Congrats! :)

Thanks a million :D

GG at winning!

Thank you mate!

Deleted 93 days ago

Yes :D

Hey cool :D

Yay :D

vad heter du på discord



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Haven't started playing yet, but this already looks fantastic! Will reply in rating page once I finish.